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Prevent. Maintain. Recover.

Offering personalized evaluation, treatment, and exercise prescription to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Whether trying to thrive in the gym, in competition, or just every day life, I'm here to teach you how to help your body work better for you.



Keep Yourself Safe While Staying Active

Schedule and in-person or video chat consult to get your movement evaluated and have an exercise program developed to help you transition back to the gym programming safely!

No more excuses - it's time to focus on YOUR HEALTH!

Reach out to me by clicking the button below to schedule your session with me to get you back on track!



Rehabilitation and Wellness

Whether looking for guidance through recovering from an injury or a wellness check-up, I'm here to make sure you learn how to take care of your body through movement.



Rehabilitation and Wellness

The evaluation, whether to address an injury or to ensure general wellness, is an integral part to learning your body's movement patterns and potential risks for injury. Through talking about past injuries and surgeries and moving through specific tests, we can create the best treatment and wellness plan for you.


Putting you First

I hear your story and take a detailed history. To that end, we create an individualized treatment plan including hands-on treatment as needed, exercise routine for warm up, strength, mobility, and/ or rehabilitation, and check-ins as needed to help you reach your fitness and life goals.


One-on-One Treatment

I take the time to understand the root of your problem in order to provide the best and most effective treatment. Through my years of experience, I’ve found that One-on-One care is a crucial part of the treatment process. I will do my best to educate you on how to improve and maintain your physical health.

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The Tools You Need

These are my bread and butter hands-on tools I use in my office. By utilizing these tools, we can amplify the movement re-learning process by stimulating areas, promote circulation to enhance healing, and help decrease pain through desensitization. I use both methods separately and together, depending on the presentation.


Maintaining Your Health

Along with physical therapy services, I offer other strategies and tools to help you learn more about your body to stay healthy. These include personal training sessions to transition from rehab to the gym, metabolic testing to learn your body's caloric needs and fitness levels, and blood flow restriction training education and rentals to continue low-load training after serious injury or surgery.


Putting You First

Although I have limited availability, I am able to offer focused time and weekly programming specific to your body's movement and your fitness goals. I recommend doing 6-12 week cycles consisting of 2-3 specific goals for up to 5 programmed days to allow your body time to work on specific skills or start to begin building strength. I want to be your focused guide towards your goals.

In Office:

New Patient / >6 months since last visit : $125

30 minute follow up : $60

1 hour follow up : $110

Please ask about home visits if interested!


New Patient / >6 months since last visit : $50

Follow up : $20

Online Programming:

Remote Online Programming (updated weekly) - $75 per month (limited availability)



Here are some resources you may be using if you're under my care.

Check out the ever-developing Exercise Index to get to my YouTube channel and see some exercises that may have been prescribed to you.

For those looking for remote training, check out the TrueCoach app to see your work out plan.

And for those with more rehab programming, use your access code to see your program on the Medbridge site.






In-Person and Online

Monday AM in Penfield

Monday PM in Gates

Wednesday AM in Gates

Wednesday PM in Penfield

Friday 7:30a-5p in-home or office visits

Saturday AM as needed, office visits only

CLOSED Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday

Building a Stronger Core

Building a Stronger Core

Guide to Return to Running

Guide to Return to Running



Gift cards available to stock up for yourself or to purchase for a loved one.



Movement for Life

Growing up as an athlete all through my childhood and academic career, I loved to move and compete and after an ACL tear figured out that physical therapy was the right career path for me. After my scholar athlete retirement, I was ecstatic to find CrossFit, eventually leading me to other competitive outlets such as powerlifting, strongman, and bodybuilding. Throughout my professional career, I have dialed in my attention to those looking to be well and stay well, especially in the fitness world. Between using tools, such as the Graston technique and cupping therapy, and learning new techniques and schools of thought that think outside of the box, I feel I can provide my patients with my best care possible. In order to do so, I have found the most success conducting one on one visits with patients, either through office evaluation and treatment, personal training type sessions, or through customized programming to reach their intended goals.



What They’re Saying

When I first started with Kelsey, I had just gotten in a really bad car accident which aggravated an already painful shoulder injury from childhood. Because of Kelsey my shoulder is now pain free and I'm about to do movements in the gym I never thought I'd be able to do without horrible pain. Not only did she fix my shoulder, she also healed my tendonitis. I thought I was stuck wearing knee sleeves at the gym forever and they're now happily hidden away in a closet and haven't been used in a year. She's great at explaining the why and what she's doing and keeping you as involved as you want in the healing process. I will always refer anyone I can to her, she's a lifesaver!

Jenna B

I recently saw Dr. Fink for a shoulder issue and heel pain. Before she addressed the two ailments she took the time to evaluate my whole body in order to determine the root cause of my problems. After treatments to the two areas she did a re-evaluation and gave me a few exercises to do. Later that night I received an email with exercises explained in videos for me to do to help with the healing process. My shoulder and heel are pain free thanks to her. She is truly amazing.


Kelsey's knowledge of the body is exceptional. If you have a question, she has an answer! She analyzes each persons situation differently, and most importantly- she LISTENS to you. No human body is the same. It is truly evident that Kelsey takes pride in her work. I have personally seen her for two different injuries, and she helped me get my mobility/strength back.

Rachel G

The knowledge and experience Kelsey brings to clients is truly one of kind. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and her inquisitive nature helps her quickly get to the root of any issues bothering you or any questions you have to improve strength. She is proactive in her approach to address issues and provides additional strength exercises that allow you to continue to rehab issues in your own. In addition, her personalized fitness programming is tailored to my goals and needs. I am building strength in all areas she recommends. Kelsey’s proactive and inquisitive approach provides an incredible experience. 13/10 would recommend Kelsey!


Kelsey is magical. Kelsey not only gave me immediate relief of pain during and after sessions with her - she also gave me insight and awareness in how I move and use my body to fend off the issues from recurrence. She will treat and rehabilitate injuries, but beyond that she teaches you how to treat yourself for the long term. Kelsey provided me with so many tools for my training and recovery toolbox that have undoubtedly helped me stay pain free for nearly a year since I initially met her. She even gave me a couple of mental tricks that helped me fight off the "thoughts" of pain during endurance events, that I continue to use while training. Sometimes I find myself wanting something to hurt, so that I can get the Kelsey treatment again and again!




Inside Perform Athletix in Penfield and CrossFit Ambition in Gates

1601 Penfield Road, Rochester, NY 14625
2147 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624

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Call/ Text (585) 721-0668

Fax Number (585) 280-5275

1601 Penfield Road, Rochester, NY 14625
2147 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624

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