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I am your movement doctor - I aim to keep your body healthy and moving efficiently and safely. Whether you plan to compete in a sport or event or just want to keep mobile for your family and yourself, I can educate you on the best strategies for you to attain your goals.



Help you understand how your body moves and why, and provide strategies to keep it moving efficiently and safely with life and exercise.


Keep your body moving efficiently and safely as you progress in your fitness journey.


Assist your body in the healing processes after a hard training session or long, stressful weak. 

I can provide you with added supplementation to meet your goals - visit my Isotonix page to learn more!

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You can find me inside CrossFit ATX in Penfield and inside CrossFit Ambition in Gates!

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Summer competition season is upon us, whether you have a meet, show, race, or other competition, I can help you prepare and recover properly.

Improve Your Fitness and Health

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Telephone: (585) 721-0668

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