I have been to physical therapy and chiropractors for yeeeeears now. I could never get relief and seemed to get worse. When someone told me about Kelsey and how good she is I thought maybe I was wasting my time with physical therapy and went to a Neurologist. He wanted to start giving me shots in my back then possibly surgery. With one last try I did go see Kelsey and I could not believe the progress I was getting that I never had before! I am still going to her and recommend her to everybody! Highly recommend her. She’s the best.

-Cherish Davis

 I've always been the kind of person to first try fixing things on my own, reaching out to a professional only as a last resort.  Five months ago, I hurt my right shoulder by using some extra bad form while doing an overhead lift (seriously glad nobody saw it).  So, my first instinct was to check out youtube videos and just fix it, right?  Wrong!  Two months went by and it wasn't getting any better.  I would actually avoid days in the gym that involved anything heavy overhead.  I reached out to Kelsey and she worked me right into the schedule.  During the first visit she performed a whole body evaluation.  Through using Graston technique, cupping, and tailoring  an at home mobility regiment; my shoulder was fixed in two sessions. Don't try to self-diagnose and treat injuries.  You can't beat a true professional at their trade.  If you are hurt, want to prevent injury, or just want to move better, Kelsey can help!  

-Zach Marsh

Kelsey is phenomenal! Not only is she knowledgeable, she is very approachable and welcoming. Before beginning CrossFit, I was a distance runner with constant hip pain. After a full body evaluation, she gave me the run down on what was going on; as well as any and all of the imbalances I had that was causing the pain. With my individualized mobility and at home exercise program, I now run faster and longer than I ever have, all while having no pain.
I also see her often for injury prevention and recovery sessions. Her Cupping and Gratson Techniques work wonders! I highly recommend Kelsey to anyone who is looking to maintain or improve  overall body function!

-Caitlyn Lampinen

Excellent work! I noticed measurable improvement with my first session and also gained some valuable insight on some muscle weaknesses and imbalances that, when addressed, should greatly increase my strength, and improve my range of motion, my form on the lifts, and reduce my recovery time. I came with no current injuries to stay ahead of the game and to improve my athletic performance: I highly recommend Kelsey to any competitive strength athlete.

-Matt Holbert


I have been experiencing some effects of tendinitis in my right shoulder. I am very active in Crossfit and powerlifting so the discomfort was a hinderance to progress. Kelsey is very passionate about what she does and takes the time to monitor athletes and prescribe mobility exercises to help us get the most out of our training, safely. She used the Graston Technique on me along with other stretches and mobility exercises and my shoulder feels better than it has in a couple months and I have full range of motion back in only two sessions with her. I highly recommend her. You can find her at Layne Performance Center in Whitehall, WV. 

-Amber Nuzum


I broke my ankle last year, and as I started working some of normal activity back in to my routine I experienced some pain. Kelsey helped me work out the issues and I also appreciate how she checks in with me on occasion to see how I'm doing!

-Abby Chapman


One of the very best physical therapists I have used! I am active in Crossfit and I have seen Kelsey for a few recent injuries and an older nagging one with my right shoulder. She definitely loves what she does and it shows in her quality of care for the individual. She takes time to thoroughly assess your injury, what you want out of physical therapy, and devise a treatment plan to get you there. She uses a variety of methods with stretching, mobility exercises, manual manipulation, and the Graston Techniques in your treatment. Kelsey was able to address both my older shoulder and recent injuries in a few sessions to get me back active into my Crossfit routine with full range of motion. She has a very friendly and outgoing personality which makes the treatment sessions relaxed and easier. I highly recommend her for your Physical Therapy needs!

-Ken Vance


Not only is Kelsey approachable and friendly, she is an excellent physical therapist. She applies a wide variety of techniques to injuries or issues resulting from all types of activities. She takes the time to get to know all of your past and present problems and does a full examination. Her explanations are thorough, and she breaks treatments down into understandable and relatable segments all while giving you the whole picture of how the pieces function together to keep your body moving. If you live in the area, check out Muscle Up Physical Therapy. Also, You don't have to do Crossfit to see her; she just shares the building.

-Thomasina Scudere


She is so good at what she does! Highly impressed with how she could instantly know what needed fixed and how to fix it!

-Alphia Martin 


Tell us in your own words about your experience here.  Be sure to include activities you had trouble with before PT compared to how you are doing now.

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Tell us in your own words about your experience here. Be sure to include activities you had trouble with before PT compared to how you are doing now.

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