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Guide to Return to Running

Guide to Return to Running

Through this guide, you will:

  • learn how to test yourself out to find your specific weaknesses;
  • learn how to program bodyweight resisted exercises to efficiently train for running that can be done in your living room and within 15 minutes;
  • safely apply your custom-made programs to your regular running training, functional fitness training, and general life at an intensity that fits your goals;
  • have a provided running progression that is time based so that you are able to return to running at your own speed without worrying about pace or distance;
  • and have exclusive access to video content only by purchasing this guide to your tests, a warm up and cool down demonstration, and a demonstration of an example of a program.

This type of programming can also be beneficial to those looking for a 15 minute high-intensity interval training program they can do at home that is time-based and with body weight resistance for a quick way to maintain your movement health!

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