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I am originally from Rochester, NY where I grew up a multi-sport athlete.  I started as a gymnast, then had to quit due to hip issues.  Instead I focused on field hockey, soccer, volleyball, and springboard diving.  Just before my high school senior year, I tore my ACL and was unable to play my senior seasons.  I believe this is where my life turned around; where I realized physical therapy was my calling in life, where I realized the gym was my sanctuary, and where I realized the gym would always be there for me.  Sounds corny, sure.  But to a teenage girl who thought her hopes and dreams were shot because she realized she was no longer invincible, this was an amazing realization, and one that continues to stick with me today.


As I went through college, the one ACL tear and rehabilitation turned into two, then by the end of my collegiate athlete career I added two hip surgeries to the list. I’m sharing this because every year of college, through my athletic years and graduate years, I was constantly in the gym rehabilitating from the most recent surgery to keep myself in top performance condition. I ended up being the college field hockey team’s goalkeeper who had the fastest mile time, most push-ups and sit ups in a minute, and the fastest 40 yard dash because I worked my ass off the entire off season to prove to myself these injuries wouldn’t stop me.  I not only realized my physical potential, but my mental potential as well. I understand the difficulty conquering impatience when you want to get back to your competition level. I understand the days of pain where the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and exercise. I understand the frustration watching your peers do what you can’t yet do to allow your body to heal. I get it.


I have been working in the outpatient orthopedic physical therapy setting since I graduated, both in an aquatics setting and in a traditional land-based setting. I have had patients that just want me to do all the work, get a free massage covered by insurance, maybe some heat and other modalities with a nap, and leave their session, later coming back asking me why they aren’t better yet. I have seen the people suffering from chronic pain, with good and bad days, just striving for some relief in their life. I have seen those who come in with complete focus and dig for strategies to get better faster.  I feel that helping all of those people is still my calling in life.  I want to teach that person that just wants that magic pill that they need to work at getting themselves better and not externalize their problems. I want that person who suffers on a daily basis to find strategies to give themselves some relief on those days they don’t want to get out of bed. And I definitely want to give everything I’ve got to those looking for ways to get themselves better both in and out of the physical therapy clinic.


Now I feel I have the best opportunity - I get to work closely with athletes of all levels to make them stronger.  In this world of fitness, there is ALWAYS room for growth.  Someone will always be better than you, or if they aren’t now they will work their ass off until they reach that point. It’s exciting!  I want to teach you how to overcome the plateau you have hit.  I want to help you get new PRs and try new things you never imagined were possible.  I want to teach you how to take care of your body for the long run, to prevent injury, and to compete at the highest level for the longest amount of time possible.


Let me be your coach, your physical therapist, your drive to be a better athlete. 

Since opening my clinic and moving down to West Virginia, I have continued to strive to be the best athlete and physical therapist I can be:

I have competed in several CrossFit competitions, both individual and team, and continue to participate in the CrossFit Open each year.

I have trained powerlifting and have competed in 3 different meets, placing 1st in my last meet in April 2018.

I am currently training for a Figure show held locally October 20.

Telephone: (304) 278-4290

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