I have quite the athletic background, starting with gymnastics and ballet as a child, branching out to primarily soccer through middle school and high school while also participating in field hockey, volleyball, and springboard diving, and then playing field hockey through college. I had my first major surgery my senior year of high school of an ACL reconstruction which sparked my love for the weight room (since that's all I could do!). Since then, I have had a total of 3 knee surgeries and 2 hip surgeries (so those that are injured and frustrated - trust me, I get it!).

Through college, I was able to use field hockey as my motivator to stay active and healthy, but like everyone I struggled after college was over. I ended up finding CrossFit that gave me that push to be better than I was yesterday, gave me the community and team I was looking for, and allowed me to see opportunity for sport after school.

CrossFit also opened some doors for me athletically, where I was introduced to Powerlifting, Strongman, and Body Building - and wasn't afraid to try them!

Professionally, I have worked in outpatient orthopedics as a physical therapist since graduating from Nazareth College of Rochester in 2013. I started in Baltimore where I worked in a clinic primarily with aquatic therapy, then in a typical land-based clinic. My husband and I moved to West Virginia in 2016 where I opened my first office within CrossFit Intense and practiced on a private pay basis.

Now I have returned to my hometown of Rochester, NY where I can bring my private practice to the athletic community.

I practice what I preach. I not only love to train the strength sports for myself, but it allows me to understand what those athletes are experiencing, what they need to do to stay healthy, and what they need to do to be a top performer.

Since re-booting my inner competitive athlete, I have participated in several team and solo CrossFit competitions and placed, have participated in 3 powerlifting meets and placed, and am proud to say I have done my first Figure show this past year and have the hardware to prove it! I plan to continue finding competitions every year to help set goals for myself as an athlete.

My passion is to keep athletes healthy through prevention, maintenance, and recovery techniques.

In my mind, an athlete is someone who is looking to stay active through movement based strategies.

Your end goal doesn't have to be a competition- it can be to play with your kids, to mow the grass, shovel the snow, whatever!

The fact that YOU want to stay ACTIVE makes you an ATHLETE in my mind.

Let me help you stay active. Let's keep you well before you get hurt. Let's get you better when you're hurt. Let's keep you safe and moving.

Telephone: (585) 721-0668

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