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This is the place to find YOUR custom exercise program. These should be the ones you use:

  • For your self "rehab" program
  • As a warm up before exercising
  • When you feel a "flare up"

Interested in an exercise program without coming into the office?

Cost is $20 for a custom program if you send me the following:

Body part(s) you want to focus on

(neck, shoulder, elbow/ wrist, midback, low back, hip, knee, ankle/ foot)

Goals for the exercise program

(increased active mobility, strengthening, stability, balance, coordination, sensory integration)

Anything else I should know

(any medical restrictions, movement limitations, job requirements, anything you want to mention)

If you prefer text or email

(you will receive an access code for your program)

Email me at and we will get you squared away!

How to use the Patient Portal:

Access your exercise program with your custom Access Code

Learn the exercises through videos and written descriptions

Learn the recommended frequency to perform the exercises as well as repetitions, sets, and hold times

Download the MedBridge GO app to get your exercises on the go!

Click to Enter the Patient Portal

Telephone: (585) 721-0668

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