Having trouble finding and trusting supplement brands to take to enhance your performance safely?

Sick of relying on medications to ease pain and soreness with training hard?

I have become a big advocate for this brand. This is the FIRST line of supplements I truly believe in!

Visit my Isotonix Website for all available supplements!

What's so special about this brand? These are quotes directly from the website:

To maximize efficacy and use of macro- and micronutrients,
it is recommended that nutrient supplements be administered in an isotonic form. 
Jim Wilmer, PhD

Please feel free to ask me questions about these products. I have been taking them religiously with unbelievable results, and I would not consider distributing without trying them for a significant amount of time and really believing in them. I may have samples for sale in my office, please come in and ask!

Telephone: (585) 721-0668

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