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Building a Stronger Core

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"I need to make my core stronger!" - Who is guilty of saying this? A lot of us are! But there is SO much more than just crunches and planks, especially when it comes to training the core for longevity and recovering from injury or trauma. This course is meant to educate you on the different muscle groups that make up the "core," how to find, activate, and control those muscles, and then how to incorporate them into exercises to coordinate the core with other muscles of the body with varying movements and positions. This is NOT a hypertrophy or strength program. This is meant to provide you with exercise ideas and experience to see what works best for your body and your fitness and wellness goals. Are you looking for a warm up before weight lifting? Might be good to get the core warmed up. Experiencing back pain symptoms? Might be good to find a core exercise that manages those symptoms. Do you pee when you sneeze or jump or run? Might be good to coordinate your breath with your core and hip activation. There is also mobility included at the end for general feel-good movements that can be done anytime. **This course is not meant to diagnose or treat, please seek medical care if you are experiencing any active pains or medical issues. This course is for educational purposes only.

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