Monday, March 25, 2019

Here's some awesome business updates that I am proud of:

  • I am LOVING my time working with my people and really seeing a potential in growth here!
  • I am an official piece of the Catalyst Games athlete care team this September!
  • I have organized a Low Back Pain and Sciatica workshop for 2 dates in 2 different locations and am excited to share my information!
  • I am officially on a podcast for all to hear! Check out my HeroFit Interview!

Here's some awesome personal updates that, again, I am proud of:

  • My husband and I are officially homeowners in a perfect neighborhood!
  • I have been experimenting with local alternative care businesses and LOVING it!
  • I have my first NYS powerlifting meet coming up on Saturday, March 30 and might get a couple of state records!
  • I will be in a part of my first team competition with CrossFit Ambition on April 6 at the Liberty Games!
  • I am realizing how many exclamation points I have used, and LOVE IT!!!

I'm going to keep growing, keep trucking, and keep loving my business. This is truly my passion, and I'm not stopping now!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Has it been a month since my last post already?! Well - happy to say I was able to open my doors at my tentative date of February 4 with an unofficial soft opening for some competing in the local competition the weekend prior. I want to thank first and foremost Perform Athletix owner, Chris Mandrino, and CrossFit Ambition owner, Kris Caswell, for allowing me to invade your gyms and your communities and set up shop at your locations. I am so fortunate to be a part of 2 great communities, and I am happy to grow within their walls as a professional. I want to also thank everyone that has scheduled with me in my first couple of weeks and allowing me to be a part of your health care team. I will never claim to be a one-stop-shop and will continue to work with local health care providers, including chiropractors and LMTs, but I hope to teach you how to move with more efficiency and safety and teach you how to care for your own body.

When people ask what I do, I have trouble actually spitting out what I do. I do a lot in my sessions, and no two sessions are ever the same! So here is my 2 minute commercial to answer the question, "What do you do?" :

I am a physical therapy trained professional who loves working in the movement wellness aspect of health. I evaluate individuals' movement patterns, assess their imbalances in movement and strength, devise a plan to help bring their body to a more "normal" balance in hopes to minimize risk of injury while doing the activities they love. In my plan, I combine hands-on work with myself in the office and a self improvement program for outside of the office. My goal is to create long-lasting changes by working with the neuromusculoskeletal system through relaxation of a stressed system, then stimulation of the body (including but not limited to the tissues, joints, and sensory systems) to create a safer sense of movement. Then, I educate individuals on how to maintain those new changes on their own to create improvement in their overall movement wellness.

That's the bread and butter of what I do! Yes- I also have the metabolic testing, but that has become more of a bonus for me to help people reach more personal goals of weight loss, making a weight class, or just being aware of their fitness levels. 

I am excited to continue to educate the community on the wellness aspect of physical therapy. Most think it's only for when you're hurt - but what if you're not and just want to be stronger, more mobile, or just move better in general? That's the message I want to continue to get across as I grow professionally.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I feel like my "stars are aligning" and everything is coming in to place! I am so excited for what is coming in February - I have so many ideas to get people well, both in the office and out with the community. I'm on a mission!

I have a few goals set for the short term and the long term, I won't share them all here but more for your information...

  • Expect social media posts 3x per week with some sort of physical therapy related education, including exercises, research, and other fun stuff;
  • I plan to schedule some work shops and interactive learning sessions at different places around the community - keep an ear out!;
  • I am going to keep up with my training and put myself at the top of my list so I can continue to take care of everyone else!

Big things coming guys.....I'm so excited :D

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Well it's been a minute since writing up anything - and it's been a heck of a month! I didn't realize how much effort I would have to put into trying to work after moving back home. After a bunch of phone calls and follow up phone calls and emails and more phone calls, I now officially have a license number to work in NY! Yay! Now it's just a couple more weeks of waiting for the hard copy version in order to incorporate my business officially!

If you didn't see the announcement, my tentative opening day is February 4 - I am hoping that gives NY enough time to send my physical PT license and enough time to incorporate my business officially. In the mean time, I am getting all of my systems in place to make this as smooth of a transition as possible and TRYING to keep a minimal stress level.

For those that don't follow me on social media, I have been getting over a little case of the shingles, more than likely high stress related. Between not being able to do what I love with PT, moving back home with mom and dad, searching for a home, and just trying to do the whole adult thing, I got just a wee bit overwhelmed. As I just posted my schedule, I am trying to keep myself in mind so that I can continue to care for others.

In MUPT #1 in WV, I did split shift days, where I would work early mornings, have the midday off to walk the dog and eat lunch, then head back in for a second shift. It made sense for me to do that...but it would make more sense if I had another employee to split the hours with. Overall I found that I burned myself out more times then I'd like to admit.

For MUPT #2 in NY, I have developed my tentative schedule to only work morning OR afternoon, not both. I also limited my patient time to 4 consecutive hours, as I have found more than that I tend to get tired, hangry, and just burn out...and nobody wants to be treated by that. OH...and I was good and scheduled myself in administrative time - so expect to see a less stressed Kelsey with more social media posts - that's the goal!

So here's to the last month countdown - trying to ENJOY my time before the business takes over, trying to get all my systems in place, enjoying my time coaching, and so excited for this next step!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

So here I am... still waiting to get started! I will hopefully be officially licensed in NY by tomorrow or early next week yay waiting on other people...), then I will officially incorporate my business, and plan to open after the New Year! 

For anyone that follows me on Instagram, I had a little bit of an emotional post the other night, dealing with "training alone." First and foremost, I know I am not alone. Both in the gyms and even long distance, I know my support crew is solid, and I can't thank everyone enough for that. You are the real MVPs :D

But I think the combination of (get ready...): closing down my WV office, moving home with my parents, leaving some gym friends and training partners, leaving the relationships I built with close patients, transitioning from body building to powerlifting, eating again and seeing myself lose my show body, but seeing my strength steadily improve, joining a new community of athletes and relearning names and their movement patterns (because that's how I learn!), going from being home alone with the dog to living with 3 other humans, not currently working (er, bringing in an income, I'm still somehow crazy busy without a formal job...), having most of my things in storage, kind of looking for a home but not ready to financially take that on yet, etc etc...the perfect combination of good and bad stresses.

This isn't a sob story. My life is amazing, I am so lucky to have found work I love, CrossFit communities to be a part of, being able to take advantage of being my own boss and call myself a business owner, and to have family that took us in with open arms to let us get our stuff together.

This is me admitting that life throws a lot of curve balls all at once...and it's OK to be stressed, overwhelmed, anxious. I don't give myself enough freedom to let it be OK. I want everything to be perfectly planned out and work out perfectly all the time...but that's just not the way it is.

So again, I am admitting there's a lot of change going on right now. And when someone comes along and tells me that I am crazy for exercising and lifting because I complain of being sore or I might hurt myself, even though the one thing I have control over in my life currently...yeah I am going to get a little emotional.

Thank you again to everyone for having my back in my time of stress and weakness. You all kick ass!

Please know YOU ARE AWESOME and I AM PROUD of all of your accomplishments!

Keep working hard, let the haters hate, and remember, life is life. It goes on, and you are loved <3

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

So it's official - I have closed down my business in WV that I opened August 2016 and moved home to Rochester, NY. I am going crazy as I am in a literal holding pattern waiting on my physical therapy license to transfer to NY and waiting on some business start up processing before officially starting up. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty for me to do to prepare, but I am SO ready to get started! 

Let me tell you I have never felt so excited and terrified at the same time. I developed my "comfort zone" in WV - I LOVE (and miss!) all my people there and I'm proud to say I felt I started to make a real impact. Physical therapy tends to be seen as a "wait until I'm hurt and a doctor makes me go" practice, but I approach it from a proactive perspective. Let's make sure you're NOT hurt, and if you are let's really figure out WHY so we can fix it for good, or at least educate in how to manage it.

Besides actually treating people, one of my biggest goals with "starting fresh" is to be a better boss to myself and learn how to manage my business more efficiently. I hate when November rolls around and suddenly I am scrambling to get my year down in numbers because I saved some receipts and not others, and wrote some stuff down but not enough...

So here I am, writing tasks down to help me become a better business owner.

I am going to be:

  • Productive with my time,
  • Up to date with my bookkeeping and charts,
  • Stay on top of social media and website management,
  • and...most importantly...healthy.

Health is something I have taken very seriously the past couple of years. For anyone that owns a business, stressful is an adjective that can be an understatement at times. When I worked outpatient orthopedics previously for a company, I didn't have the time to take care of myself and always complained of mid and low back pain, headaches, knee pain, etc etc depending on the day. I re-joined CrossFit after joining the work force after college, which helped manage stress, but didn't help with my aches and pains as much as I had hoped.

While in WV I was not only carving out time for myself in the gym, but had weekly appointments with the chiropractor, appointments with a massage therapist every 4-6 weeks, float therapy every 2-4 weeks, and found a brand of supplements and a coach to help get my diet in check. I also sign up for competitions to give myself a goal to attain to stay on track, which has really helped me prioritize (I always did get better grades in school during field hockey season...). I may not be perfect all the time, but man do I feel better when I stay on top of it! 

We really don't realize how much we do to our bodies. I noticed a HUGE difference as soon as I asked for help through my personal healthcare team, not only in myself, but how much more effectively I can treat my patients.

Now I am excited to search for and find my new healthcare team here at home. I will have a routine down soon enough :)

Well, started off with a little rambling and went down a health route...another time I will give people my regimen, once I get my schedule down! Thanks for reading :)


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